It’s the final term of the school year and that can only mean one thing – EXAMS!

Personally I used to dread exams, self doubt and the ability to recall information did not help and caused anxiety, stress and sleepless nights. I have always felt I could have done better.

Today the pressure seems greater than ever to get superlative grades in order to gain University entrance or that Graduate Accelerator opportunity, so it is no wonder stress and anxiety levels increase, which brings with it a lack of sleep.

Sleep is probably he cornerstone to everything else, without a good night’s sleep it is difficult to function in normal circumstances. let alone whilst revising. Before taking CBD I used to suffer from lack of sleep. Being a business owner, I would wake up thinking about orders I had to fulfil, where the next ones were going to come from, have I done this? Have I done that? I’m sure we have all been there at some stage.

CBD changed all that, I now sleep 6 1/2 hours straight through every night and what I like is it is an entirely natural product. For anyone considering taking/helping their children , I know teenagers who have had the same experience with sleep as I have, whilst using a low 5% strength quality cbd oil. The plus side is not only will they sleep better, deeper, but cbd will also alleviate the stress and the anxiety, providing greater clarity of thought.

If you would like to know more or make a purchase, you can email me

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