CBD First Aid

Many people start researching CBD oil to combat pain, anxiety, stress or insomnia, just as I did. However, CBD oil has a lot more to offer through it’s antibacterial properties, which may make you consider having it permanently in your first aid kit.

Since CBD oil became part of my daily regime for pain and sleep management I have ‘experimented’ in using it for other minor conditions with good effect.

We all do it, in a rush to get something out of the oven and we just catch the side of our unprotected hand against the side, causing an immediate burn. I did the usual running under cold water, dried my hand then rubbed some cbd oil onto the burn area. Within 10 minutes the stinging sensation had completely disappeared and never returned. The next day the burn looked as if it was two or three days older and already healing.

CBD oil can also be used to treat cuts and scrapes, such as bramble lashings. Being a dog owner and wearing shorts in the warmer months, I am prone to being whiplashed by low lying brambles. By rubbing in the oil not only does it clean the wound it also takes away the red soreness around the wounds leaving the patient more comfortable whilst the wounds heal.

Therefore, shouldn’t cbd oil be in your first aid kit? You don’t need any high strength formula and with it’s long ‘shelf life’ it is a great way to ‘wipe away the tears’ and get on with life.

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