It’s So Good I Bought The Company

Well not quite bought the company but I have now entered the world of cbd sales, selling SurePure products to friends and family and anyone else who wants to enjoy the benefits,go here for more info.

This post is more for those who want to follow and set up their own cbd oil business, but if you are one of my customers or prospective customers, I hope it provides an insight.

If you are considering doing the same, it is not a straight forward business for a number of reasons. I already have one business and building another so I am conversant with what is, required for an e-commerce site and marketing via social media.

For me this is just a sideline business with all funds helping to build my solutions to assist vulnerable autism and dementia people, so I didn’t want to go all out with a fancy website. I found an online application, Freewebstore which is pretty neat and for a freebie has a lot of features and plugins, the domain name cost 99p so far so good.

With an e-commerce site you need a payment gateway in order to get paid by card and this is where the problems start. There is, understandably, a lack of cbd knowledge among the general public, but this is nothing compared to payment gateways. Despite cbd oil being a food supplement and not a drug, they classify it as the latter and many will not open accounts, those that do, charge much higher transaction rates, ‘in view of the higher risk’. This of course eats in to your profits, so be aware of this and take it into account when pricing.

I touched on the lack of knowledge within the general public, this leads to nervousness in buying, don’t forget we have all grown up with governments telling us cannabis is bad, a gateway drug and it is hard to shake that perception. These are the same governments who told us fat in food is bad and prompted the excessive rise in sugary foodstuffs. Therefore, you can come across as a snake oil salesman or drug dealer, to counteract this I set up a Facebook group (linked to the Facebook page) which only posts educational content and to give people a chance to ask questions in a safe environment, much like I had been doing in other groups.

Finally, this leads me onto other product vendors. I only sell products I have personally used AND benefitted from and researched. If you decide to sell products yourself, you will be up against charlatans in one corner and holier than thou merchants in the other. At the end of the day your customers have to trust you and if you want repeat sales your product has to do what it says and your service and knowledge transfer have to be of the highest calibre.

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