CBD Oil Is So Expensive!

Scour the CBD User pages on Facebook and you will see questions like; Where can I get cheap cbd? Why does it cost so much? The CBD market is exploding across the world and is already a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is reasonable for people who are investing hard earned cash to ask these questions.

But is it really that expensive? Reverting to my local currency, a box of branded ibuprofen with 16 tablets costs £1.90 and generally I would take 2 at a time every 4 hours, therefore 8 a day at a cost of 0.95p. I will gain some short term relief from chronic pain, but that is all. I currently use a 15% CBD oil which costs £47.99 for a 10ml bottle, which contains around 180 drops ie 27p per drop. I take one drop three times a day, therefore, the cost to me is 81p per day.

Ahhh but I don’t take Ibuprofen every day of the year, I hear you say. That is true, but why? Because we know that taking too many is damaging to our body. You also do not have to take cbd oil daily, but the difference is you can and it will only benefit your body. It is not just about the pain relief either, consider the other benefits cbd oil gives you which ibuprofen will not; better sleep, less anxiety, less stress, greater clarity, anti bacterial properties the list goes on.

Like a lot of things in life if you just look at the price you lose sight of the value.

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