Exam term – beat the stress

It’s the final term of the school year and that can only mean one thing – EXAMS!

Personally I used to dread exams, self doubt and the ability to recall information did not help and caused anxiety, stress and sleepless nights. I have always felt I could have done better.

Today the pressure seems greater than ever to get superlative grades in order to gain University entrance or that Graduate Accelerator opportunity, so it is no wonder stress and anxiety levels increase, which brings with it a lack of sleep.

Sleep is probably he cornerstone to everything else, without a good night’s sleep it is difficult to function in normal circumstances. let alone whilst revising. Before taking CBD I used to suffer from lack of sleep. Being a business owner, I would wake up thinking about orders I had to fulfil, where the next ones were going to come from, have I done this? Have I done that? I’m sure we have all been there at some stage.

CBD changed all that, I now sleep 6 1/2 hours straight through every night and what I like is it is an entirely natural product. For anyone considering taking/helping their children , I know teenagers who have had the same experience with sleep as I have, whilst using a low 5% strength quality cbd oil. The plus side is not only will they sleep better, deeper, but cbd will also alleviate the stress and the anxiety, providing greater clarity of thought.

If you would like to know more or make a purchase, you can email me basingstokecbd@gmail.com

CBD First Aid

Many people start researching CBD oil to combat pain, anxiety, stress or insomnia, just as I did. However, CBD oil has a lot more to offer through it’s antibacterial properties, which may make you consider having it permanently in your first aid kit.

Since CBD oil became part of my daily regime for pain and sleep management I have ‘experimented’ in using it for other minor conditions with good effect.

We all do it, in a rush to get something out of the oven and we just catch the side of our unprotected hand against the side, causing an immediate burn. I did the usual running under cold water, dried my hand then rubbed some cbd oil onto the burn area. Within 10 minutes the stinging sensation had completely disappeared and never returned. The next day the burn looked as if it was two or three days older and already healing.

CBD oil can also be used to treat cuts and scrapes, such as bramble lashings. Being a dog owner and wearing shorts in the warmer months, I am prone to being whiplashed by low lying brambles. By rubbing in the oil not only does it clean the wound it also takes away the red soreness around the wounds leaving the patient more comfortable whilst the wounds heal.

Therefore, shouldn’t cbd oil be in your first aid kit? You don’t need any high strength formula and with it’s long ‘shelf life’ it is a great way to ‘wipe away the tears’ and get on with life.

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It’s So Good I Bought The Company

Well not quite bought the company but I have now entered the world of cbd sales, selling SurePure products to friends and family and anyone else who wants to enjoy the benefits,go here for more info.

This post is more for those who want to follow and set up their own cbd oil business, but if you are one of my customers or prospective customers, I hope it provides an insight.

If you are considering doing the same, it is not a straight forward business for a number of reasons. I already have one business and building another so I am conversant with what is, required for an e-commerce site and marketing via social media.

For me this is just a sideline business with all funds helping to build my solutions to assist vulnerable autism and dementia people, so I didn’t want to go all out with a fancy website. I found an online application, Freewebstore which is pretty neat and for a freebie has a lot of features and plugins, the domain name cost 99p so far so good.

With an e-commerce site you need a payment gateway in order to get paid by card and this is where the problems start. There is, understandably, a lack of cbd knowledge among the general public, but this is nothing compared to payment gateways. Despite cbd oil being a food supplement and not a drug, they classify it as the latter and many will not open accounts, those that do, charge much higher transaction rates, ‘in view of the higher risk’. This of course eats in to your profits, so be aware of this and take it into account when pricing.

I touched on the lack of knowledge within the general public, this leads to nervousness in buying, don’t forget we have all grown up with governments telling us cannabis is bad, a gateway drug and it is hard to shake that perception. These are the same governments who told us fat in food is bad and prompted the excessive rise in sugary foodstuffs. Therefore, you can come across as a snake oil salesman or drug dealer, to counteract this I set up a Facebook group (linked to the Facebook page) which only posts educational content and to give people a chance to ask questions in a safe environment, much like I had been doing in other groups.

Finally, this leads me onto other product vendors. I only sell products I have personally used AND benefitted from and researched. If you decide to sell products yourself, you will be up against charlatans in one corner and holier than thou merchants in the other. At the end of the day your customers have to trust you and if you want repeat sales your product has to do what it says and your service and knowledge transfer have to be of the highest calibre.

CBD Oil Is So Expensive!

Scour the CBD User pages on Facebook and you will see questions like; Where can I get cheap cbd? Why does it cost so much? The CBD market is exploding across the world and is already a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is reasonable for people who are investing hard earned cash to ask these questions.

But is it really that expensive? Reverting to my local currency, a box of branded ibuprofen with 16 tablets costs £1.90 and generally I would take 2 at a time every 4 hours, therefore 8 a day at a cost of 0.95p. I will gain some short term relief from chronic pain, but that is all. I currently use a 15% CBD oil which costs £47.99 for a 10ml bottle, which contains around 180 drops ie 27p per drop. I take one drop three times a day, therefore, the cost to me is 81p per day.

Ahhh but I don’t take Ibuprofen every day of the year, I hear you say. That is true, but why? Because we know that taking too many is damaging to our body. You also do not have to take cbd oil daily, but the difference is you can and it will only benefit your body. It is not just about the pain relief either, consider the other benefits cbd oil gives you which ibuprofen will not; better sleep, less anxiety, less stress, greater clarity, anti bacterial properties the list goes on.

Like a lot of things in life if you just look at the price you lose sight of the value.

CBD Oil Reviews

Following the my first two posts I thought it might be useful to review the cbd oils I have tried. All of these are 10ml bottles which contain approximately 180 – 200 drops.

Native Botanics 10%

This was my first experience of cbd oil, bought from Amazon for £39.99 they also, now, have their own website There are a range of strengths available and some mixed with other ingredients such as turmeric

I started by taking 2 drops 3 times a day and didn’t move from this, I hit the sweet spot.

The taste is very plant like, as you would expect after all it is! The 10% works for pain relief, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Whether is was because this was the first time I had cbd or not, I did get headaches with oil, not all the time, but something to remember with all cbd products is to remain hydrated. An interesting side effect is no hangovers!


Provocan 6%

Provocan is rated one of the best cbd oils in the UK, so it had to be tested. Available in 6% and 12% strengths only from their website.

The 6% is also £39.99. The taste is a lot milder than the Native Botanics which makes it a lot more palatable. Again it worked in much the same way, it reduced the pain, better sleep and overall more relaxed. I just found it didn’t quite hit the spot with pain relief and I would probably need to upgrade to the 12% at £69.99, which for me is a bit too much. So it came down to value for money. Over all it is a good product for anxiety and stress relief but you do pay a price for it.


Sure Pure 15%

As I was running low on the Provocan this appeared as a Black Friday deal for less than £40 including postage. Normal price £47.99

There is a small range of strength oils; 3%, 5%, 15% and 20% along with a range of beauty products, vapes and edibles and drinks from their website

Because this was a higher strength I reduced my dosage to 1 drop 3 times a day and I have stayed with this. The extra strength really works with the pain and i still benefit with sleep and stress. This is also a very mild tasting oil. Because of the lower dosage this bottle lasted around 6 weeks, providing better value for money.


Simply CBD – Black (10%)

Simply CBD is probably the cheapest in the UK market and all profits go to their K9 rescue centre, so I wanted to try this for a couple of reasons.

There is a range of oils and sprays which are colour coded with the Black being the strongest and priced at £25 for 10ml. They also have balms and edibles available from their website

This was the darkest and thickest of all the oils I have tried with a very strong plant taste, more than the Native Botanics. Whilst it helped with the pain it was not the best at managing it. This oil also gave me headaches, but the worst side effect was the daily upset stomach. It did still provide stress relief and sleep was ok but I could not take this too close to bedtime.

I really wanted to like this oil because not only would it help me but also a number of animals. Unfortunately, the side effects negated any benefits including the cheap price.


No Turning Back

At the end of the last post, I had just taken my first dose of cbd oil and remarked how quickly the effects had been felt. A word of caution this is not always the case, it can take time, from a few days to weeks before the layering up provides the comfort you desire. Just for a change, I was lucky, receptive to cbd. It was also midday and I had taken my meds at around 7.oo am so there was no chance of the oil slowing down their effect.

The stated dosage protocol is to start at 1 drop 3 times a day for week one, increase to 2 drops 3 times a day in week 2 until you reach either your desired level or a max of 15 drops a day. To be honest, I started on 2 drops rather than 1 and this maybe why I had a quick reaction. This was a 10% strength oil, you can buy anything from less than 1% to 20%. In view of the severity of pain I had, and my size, 6′ 3” 15 1/2 stone, I figured I needed a strong start.

For me the dosage didn’t change, I stayed on 2 drops 3 times a day except when I had been standing at work for nigh on 6 hours, I added 1 extra drop when I got home. Something strange happened though, my oil was going down quicker than I expected – my partner had started using it for general stress relief!

CBD oil can come across as a ‘miracle’ cure all or snake oil and I can see why some people who have not tried it could well think this and be sceptical, I was. There are so many stories across the internet you would be right to think it’s a load of rubbish. So what does it do?

In this section I am only going to speak from my (our) experience, there are no claims, nothing made up, just observations.

Pain Management

This was my paramount reason for buying cbd oil and it worked, still works after 3 months. From not being able to straighten my back in the mornings to literally jumping out of bed. From having arthritic pain in my wrist from a long term injury to being pain free.

However, a word of caution, I purposely used the phrase pain management, my back pain has diminished sufficiently for me to move more freely and not risk further injury but there is obviously an underlying issue I need to attend to. The thing is, I now feel as if I can, the vicious circle has been broken and I can now start to undertake the correct exercise to treat the issue.


Whilst this was not a main reason for buying cbd oil , running your own business is stressful and it can be difficult to wind down, thoughts are always running through your head and it seems to be worse at night. Whether it’s worrying about invoices, new business or getting an order out on time once you are awake it is hard to get back to sleep.

CBD oil changed all that, so long as I don’t take it too late I now get 7 hours quality sleep, with very vivid dreams, but wake up rested. If there is a hiccup and I only get 5 hours I seem to be able to cope with the tiredness better, less snappy and grumpy.


Which leads me on nicely to stress and general demeanour. The difference I have noticed in myself and my partner’s mood is astounding, everything is more rational and solving work issues (she has her own business as well) has become easier with less emotional language and a more considered approach.

There’s no real tetchiness, no tiredness making us irritable with life or each other. That doesn’t mean we agree on everything, it just means we discuss and seek solutions.


It was after a few weeks of taking cbd oil we both noticed neither of us had experienced a hangover, not that we are massive drinkers but we had attended pre Christmas parties and had no ill effects the following day, not even a headache. This still continues to be the case.


Winter is a time when most people catch a cold or flu type illness, the temperatures are cooler and buildings are artificially hot. The teen of the house typically went down with a stinker of a cold as soon as term ended, the body going into relaxation mode and deciding to release the viruses. We didn’t get it, a couple of mornings it felt like the start of a cold but it never came to anything.

Moving forward

That’s my experience to date, I hope it has helped demystify some of the hype around cbd oil and given you some hope. Always do your own research especially if you are on medication. Please feel free to ask questions, I cannot provide specific medical advice, I can only speak from experience.

How it started

It all started with an innocuous Facebook post from an old school friend, claiming, as he always does, ‘It’s all happening in Lincoln’ with a link to a newspaper article regarding a Health Shop. Apparently, this shop was having to move to larger premises because of the sale of CBD products and the article went on to briefly explain the anecdotal benefits, which included pain relief.

At this point I should disclose I had been in chronic pain with my sacro illiac joint for some 10 years. In that period I had been to see osteopaths, cranial osteopaths, had acupuncture and of course taken over the counter pain relievers. None of which had a lasting effect and I got to the point where I was asking youngsters if they could obtain ‘special’ brownies to see if they would make a difference, I have never been a drug user and being naive wouldn’t even know where to go.

Therefore, this article was interesting, I was on a break so had time to do some research and go down an inordinate amount of Google wormholes trying to understand what cbd did, why there were different strengths, what was a dose and then the terminology; hemp, cannabis, marijuana, full spectrum, isolate ……………. and on and on. If you have done your own research you will know what I mean.

From all this research I understood the product had to be full spectrum, made from the whole plant and be reasonably strong as it was for pain relief and I am a large guy. Like a dog diving into a pool, I took the plunge! I went for a 10% strength sold via Amazon (so had to be good, right?) Still feeling very sceptical and that I had just wasted £40, did I mention the cost? CBD oil is not cheap.


Delivery was ‘next day’ which was also the last day of our break, we travelled back home and unpacked and it wasn’t long before the omni present white van pulled up and delivered ‘the goods’. I was still seeing this as a slightly seedy operation.

The envelope was ripped open and there was a little kraft paper coloured box with the name of the supplier on the side and a guide to start with one drop three times a day under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow. Seemed simple enough, but there was still a nagging doubt about how effective it would be and that I am probably one of the few it doesn’t work with.

Inside the box was a little brown bottle with a pipette screw lid all nice and shiny, little did I know then that this was the point of no return. With the lid unscrewed and the glass dropper fully loaded I rolled back my tongue and dropped what felt like two drops. Yes, I know it said one, but I am a male and always know best! It was at this point I realised it would have been better to do it in front of the mirror, in order to see the dosage for myself – first lesson.

There were no flashing lights or pink elephants or even any dizziness. I went back to my laptop to continue working with all faculties in place and able to hold a conversation with my partner. Everything was just…….normal. I hadn’t blacked out, or vomited, although the taste is like chewing a dandelion, or started laughing uncontrollably. But very slowly after 25/30 minutes I began to notice the pain in my back had diminished to almost nothing, achieving more than any ibuprofen or codeine tablets had ever done. I was able to move without thought, my whole pelvic area felt free/loose.

My journey had begun.